Being Blissful Meditation Workshop


2 day Intensive‘ M E D I T A T I O N Workshop for all level practitioners. This workshop is theory and practice: Please note times vary it may go slightly over or under the allocated time.

BBM is the Anti-Virus to remove Negativity from our life:

Scientific Research reveals that in a day about 60,000 thoughts cross our mind and awareness and out of these 95% thoughts are negative and repetitive, creating toxins and negativity in our lives. These thoughts act like Viruses and consume a lot of our vital energy and trap us into a vicious cycle of negativity. BBM acts as an anti-virus and by using BBM daily will help us to get rid of all negativity in our life and let us understand the following:

Understand the terms, Mind, Senses, Objects, Intellect and wisdom.How to overcome desires?

5 sheaths (Layers) of Body.

5 types of Prana (Vayu)

What creates Negativity in our system?

How to balance the senses?

How to not get controlled by others?

How to control Anger?

How to live life to optimize your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Emblem of Being Blissful / Anandmaya Dhyana is a Lotus with a spectrum of colors. This Emblem resonates with the ideology of our program. All of us have 7 major energy centers in our body known in yogic science as Chakras. Each of these Chakras is represented in the shape of a Lotus Flower and is associated with a colour. A journey through the seven chakra colors is essentially a journey through the rainbow.

Each of the seven chakras has a corresponding color that follows the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (or white). The colors are fluid, constantly changing just as your emotions change. The color of a chakra indicates your current physical, emotional, and spiritual state.Red lotus symbolizes the original nature of the heart.

It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion, activity and all the qualities of the heart. White lotus symbolize wisdom, the state of total mental purity and spiritual perfection. The blue lotus is the symbol of the victory of the Atma over the senses of intelligence and wisdom of knowledge.

During the Anandmaya Dhyan you will experience subtle, but powerful changes, on an energetic level helping you feel more harmony, balance and equilibrium in your own energy. Just be present with awareness of your intention of what it is you wish to receive from this program, you are already setting yourself in a new & blissful direction. And when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.


+ Package one: Program practice and theory (10 hours) , one meal and light refreshment on each day: $200 p.p. including 1 light vegetarian snack and beverages on each day.

+ accommodation available ($50 per night).

Optional extras:

- Yoga class

- Infrared sauna

- Therapeutic massage can be arranged by local qualified massage therapist

- visit beautiful town of Mildura and the grand Murray River

Contact Heba Ma Hari Geet for more information.

Limited spots - FCFS basis . No yoga postures involved. For safety, we do not recommend this program for pregnant women as it involves heavy breathing.

Please confirm you spot by leaving non refundable $100 deposit by the 15th feb . The remainder is payable on day one of arrival and there are no refunds for change of mind.

Much love and light ♥

Heba Ma Hari Geet Anand

Internationally Accredited BBM (TM) teacher

500hrs Yoga Teacher &

yoga Therapist


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