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Monthly yoga talks for shanti (peace)

Drawing from Classical Indian Philosophy (advaita vedanta), classical yoga scriptures, Western and Eastern philosophy of mind and consciousness , yoga sutras, Heba will talk to you about your personal practice of YOGA for deep fullfilment, happiness and cultivation of inner peace.

Topics discussed:

  • How to integrate valuable qualities and yogic practices into your lives for finding inner peace and connecting with the innermost essential nature of yourself.
  • How to identify and overcome obstacles that prevent you moving forward in your practice.
  • How to find happiness in what you do even in the most menial tasks.
  • Why does a scattered mind give us sorrow.
  • What is mind and how we can make the mind work for us: Foundations of the mind.
  • Why is fear an obstacle and how to rid ourselves of fearful thoughts.
  • Spiritual direction : why is it key to a happy life.
  • Relationships: detachement and attachment. Releasing what does not serve our lives.
  • Struggle: Why do we struggle? Reasons for sorrow.
  • Concentration: How and why is concentration crucial to our sadhana practice.
  • Patanjali yoga sutras: 8-limb path (the path of effort) of yoga and realising the ultimate purpose.
  • Awakening to our pure nature of love.
  • Healing ourselves from past wounds. Moving forward in life.
  • Understanding philosophies of dvaita (duality) and advaita (non duality).
  • Layers of our being.

Trail yoga class

Why hold these sessions:

At Eka Earth Yoga we are commited to spreading the light of yoga in its holistic form as taught traditionally and as a way of life. The purpose is for the awakening of mankind to true happiness, inner peace and bliss, our true essential nature beyond the physical body.

Who can attend:

Anyone who has a desire to delve deeper into the philosphical, non-practical side of Yoga and related wisdom is welcome to attend. We encourage all Eka Earth Yoga students to attend and those who are interested in wisdom + philosophy behind the asanas (physical postures) * Students who attend regularly will be given discounts to be used exclusively towards Teacher Training programs and Yoga Retreats at Eka Earth Yoga*

When and where:

Last Friday of the month.

These sessions are held monthly (with the exception of December/January & February) in the shala on Cureton Ave. We have had a big turn up in the past so please let us know if you would like to attend and for catering purposes. Held on the last Friday of every month, there will be different topics raised and expounded. It is advised you attend most or all sessions throughout the year however not mandatory.


By Donation. Please contribute towards the expansion of the Centre, Food offerings and monergy exchange any amount that you can afford. There will be vegeterian food and chai offered. Suggested donation $10 - $15 (whatever it is that you can afford in exhange). ps- helpers needed for preparation of food and chai.

Please book in via facebook
Email ekaearthyoga@gmail.com
text us on 0421 854 484.

We look forward to seeing you all there. It will be a fun, informative and valuable immersion into yoga and a heart warming gathering of like minded people and yogis you get to meet on the night.

Come along, bring your friends. Inspire and be inspired.

Om shanti from Eka Earth Yoga


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