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The world is entering a new dimension of love, truth and light. Mother Earth herself is raising her vibration and despite the traumas and chaos we are experiencing throughout the world, now more than ever, every being has an unprecedented opportunity for accelerated growth and for great physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual transformation.

We always hear 'you can't love others until you love yourself', but how do we actually start to love ourselves? Doesn't love start with being attentive? When we are attentive our body speaks to us and we start to truly know ourselves in a very deep way.

When we enter into our organs and life systems we may find many negative emotions within them that we are not even aware of. the new lighter bodies of the future are built on the foundation of a whole new consciousness. When our organs and cells learn to co-operate with each other and begin to resonate with openness and love rather than fear and aggression, our entire body regenerates.

We are the ones we have been waiting for! We are the ones responsible for creating the future world we wish to experience.

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Why is Genome healing unique?

Every organ and system of your body has a blueprint for optimal functioning. Within minutes, after using transformational technologies to restore the Creator's Norm blueprint, your organs will report that they have a whole new operating system, are glowing with a new optimistic outlook, and have begun the process of regeneration. As you journey into your ogans, systems, chakras and even chromosomes, you become aware of the universe you have created within yourself. if there is disharmony and conflict within, this will be mirrored to you in the world around you.

By using genome healing techniques and power of consciousness we can purity defective DNA and ancestral baggage as well as program them and direct them to regenerate an organ or system".

C. Roberts, Genome Healing Founder, Australia.


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