Journey to the self Meditation


Join on me on this unique enriching and trance inducing JOURNEY through the Sacred Self.

Lets shake off and shed off the stress induced , freedom limiting layers we have been holding onto over the past year.

2 hour session, a mix of breathwork + Movement , a journey of Meditation designed to offer you space to connect with yourself and cleanse be shaking off any unwanted energy and inviting in the new.


The session consists of 2 hours breathwork and movement in a systematic , easy to follow way. I like to call it Prana Movement Meditation. It is a blend of movement , breathwork , trance music , mudras and soft but dynamic yoga poses that will awaken the energy within your subtle body and chakras. It is a compilation of elements integrating yin and yang , flow and stillness , heavy and gentle breathing, expansion and contraction , mind and breath. It is an all encompassing flow of elements.

•••Prana Movement Meditation borrows from ancient authentic yogic and healing systems such as KUNDALINI, KRIYA and HATHA and some of my own personal practices that I have found extremely beneficial based on years of yoga practice ••••

Prana can be compared to a river; all have prana as we are all alive. However, at times prana can get murky if we remain stagnant and as a result we accumulate emotional, physical and mental toxins, often do not dissolve alone, until and unless we flush them out of our inner and outer systems. In Sanskrit they are called Mantra, Yantra and Tantra. Elimination of negativity and stagnation will make us feel renewed and rejuvenated and most importantly open pathways to journeying into the Self and experiencing a state of oneness and universal harmony. The yogic method is to move and allow the body to perspire to detoxify with a focus on yogic breathing to bring the mind to One-pointedness state and stilling the mind, the ultimate purpose being self-realisation and freedom from sorrow.

What areas do these sessions focus on?

1- Channelling prana and breath with emphasis on maintaining a continuous stream of Meditation in motion.

2- Generating movement in the body for improved circulation, flexibility in the joints and removal of stagnation.

3- Centring the mind and cultivating inner stillness though conscious movement

4- Stimulating the 7 chakras to bring us to a state of unification and inner balance

5- Cultivating a meaningful and conscious inner and outer relationship with the Self through sound, breath, mantra and movement, ultimately leading us to a state of Ananda (bliss).



$35 energy exchange. Herbal tea is served at the end of the session.

Please pre-book and pay a non refundable $15 to secure your spot (rest can be paid on the night) to avoid missing out as this session last year booked out fast.

Please come in comfortable clothing and for your comfort refrain from eating two hours prior to the workshop.

Namaste, love and divine light to you all ❤


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