1 Month Yoga (1 session per week/ or 4-5 per month) $ 85
1 Month Yoga (2 sessions per week/ or 8-10 per month) $ 160
1 Month Yoga (3 sessions per week/ or 12-14 per month) $ 210
1 Month UNLIMITED access to classes (up to 25 per month)
  • Best value pack to have unlimited access to classes for less than $13 per class and enjoy a complimentary 15 min sauna therapy session per calendar month.
  • Sauna sessions must be pre-booked and are non-transferable.
  • $ 280
    Casual drop in per session
  • last minute bookings, obligation free)
  • $ 22 (drop ins and last minute bookings, obligation free)
    New student special offer (two weeks unlimited classes) $ 80 (one time use for new students to trial various classes)
    **Yellow boxes are suited for beginners (no prior practice)
    **Orange boxes are level 1 and beginners (1 to 6 months regular practice)
    **Green boxes are level II (people with minimum 6 months continued practice)
    **White boxes are suited for all levels



    For the rest of March please book into classes and attend on a casual basis. Thank you

    Important notes (please read in full. Ask us if you have further questions)

  • Our classes are all classical traditional Yoga and focused on safety and wellbeing of our dear students.
  • There will be variations and adjustments offered to suit every level. Our school promotes ahimsa (nonviolence) therefore please chose classes suitable for your level which align with your body’s abilities and needs.
  • Monthly passes are calendar months therefore must be purchased at the 1 st of every month and expire at the end of every calendar month. No exceptions, refunds, credit, or pro-rata for unused sessions and passes cannot be transferred. We do not offer refunds for change of mind.
  • All monthly passes are to be paid for on the 1 st day of the month and expire on the last day of the calendar month.
  • If you wish to discuss the best option for you, we are happy to help. Please let us know at the time of registration. All new students must register and agree to all terms and conditions (page 2 of registration form) prior to commencement.
  • We encourage newcomers to yoga to start with one of our Basics classes (yellow marked boxes)
  • We give modifications for beginners and variations for those with a regular yoga practice.
  • Rest as much as you need to at any time during the class.

  • – Arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts – the door will be locked when class begins.
  • – Upon arrival take 5-10 mins to warm up and ground.
  • – There is no talking in the studio room as it disturbs the peace; you are welcome to talk quietly in the outside area.
  • – Shoes remain outside. On rainy days you are welcome to place your shoes undercover in the pergola area. No shoes are allowed inside.

  • – Arrive hydrated and avoid eating 2.5 hours before class.
  • – You can bring your own yoga mat if preferred however you are welcome to use our own mats and props we provide. We only ask you to bring a towel to wipe the mat after using it.
  • Monday ekaearthyoga-monday 6.00pm 75 mins
    Classical Hatha Yoga Gentle flow Combating mental & bodily tiredness & fatigue.

    Pat Beginners
    7.30pm 70 mins
    Classical Hatha Yoga
    Ideal for depression, anxiety and insomnia.
    Heba Level I
    Tuesday YOGA For Health ekaearthyoga-tuesday 7:00pm 70 mins
    Hatha Yoga
    Warming sequence for detoxification and balance of mind, body and breath. Involves vinyasa count & posture holds.
    Heba Level II
    Wednesday ekaearthyoga-wednesday 9:30am 75 mins
    Classical Hatha Yoga
    Involves posture holds synchronised with breath count. Themed sequences to take you deeper into your practice.
    Heba Level II
    7.30pm 60 mins
    Intro to the ancient practice of Yoga (Philosophy & Practice)
    6 week course
    Heba - Complete Beginners
    Thursday ekaearthyoga-thursday 7.00pm 70 mins
    Astanga Yoga
    Warming sequence for detoxification and balance of mind, body and breath. Involves vinyasa count and posture holds.
    Heba Level II
    Friday ekaearthyoga-friday 9.30am 75 mins
    Classical Hatha Yoga
    Ideal for strength building and weight management with focus on digestive health.
    Heba Level II
    7.00pm 90 mins
    Philosophy & wisdom of Yoga interactive chats, chai & Veg food.
    (donation based… usually monthly refer to FB events and newsletters)
    Heba All
    Saturday ekaearthyoga-satday 9.00am 75 mins
    Men’s Yoga
    For mental clarity, balance and strength with focus on breath and stress release.
    Heba Beginners
    7.00pm 2 hours
    Workshops: Prana movement/ Yoga Nidra / Pranayama & Meditation/ kirtan and chanting, & philosophy)
    Refer to events page on Facebook for more info & bookings.
    Sunday ekaearthyoga-satday 6.00pm 75 mins
    Classical Hatha Yoga
    Ideal for strength building and overall wellness.
    Heba Level 1
    7.30pm 50 mins
    Celebrate Sundays> Meditation, Sound healing & Yin – restorative Candlelight
    Heba or Pat All
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